All the information you need to develop epic fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, sci-fi and space opera worlds. 

70+ pages of blueprints on how to build a world that readers can’t resist. 

100+ pages of worksheets to guide your world creation. 

Built-in project bible to track and organize your world all in one place. Never lose details or search for lost sticky notes and files ever again. 

Prompts to make you think deeper about your ideas and explore new aspects of your world, story and characters. 

Your choice of cover to fit your project (Note: Contents of each book are the same). 

FREE SHIPPING to the US for the print copy. The digital copy is available for instant download as a PDF. 

Important Shipping Information: Scribe Forge is a print-on-demand publisher. All books are manufactured when ordered. This process is very efficient and environmentally friendly, but it can take just a bit more time to print and ship.