The Writer’s Epiphany Notebook - Hardcover

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We've designed a system to organize your thoughts without changing your process. The only difference is, you’ll actually find your ideas later.

It’s such a simple solution we’re amazed more notebooks don’t come with it.

  •         Numbered pages
  •         An index to record what’s on each page

Every time you add content, simply flip to the index and record the page number with the project name and a short description. Now, you'll always be able to find your ideas!

We’ve also made sure this notebook contains:

Lined pages for notes.

Blank pages for maps and character sketches.

Dotted pages for charts, timelines, and diagrams.

Cream color pages, so it's easy on your computer-strained eyes.

Hardcover with a matte finish, so it can take a beating and won't leave fingerprints.

Large size (7x9) with 250 pages, so there’s tons of room for brainstorming, drawing maps, and hastily scribbling notes at 3 am.

Tough binding, so your pages won’t fall out

    The Writer’s Epiphany Notebook: Every idea for every project, all in one place.


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