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The life of a writer:

1) Inspiration hits

2) You scramble for a scrap of paper

3) You scribble with whatever writing device is closest. Pencil, pen, crayon, chalk – even a tube of lipstick on the bathroom mirror.

What do all these sparks of genius leave us with?

· Piles of sticky notes on the desk, kitchen table, and bedroom nightstand.

· Four separate notebooks scattered around every room.

· A crumpled handful of cocktail napkins pinned to a cork board.

· Dozens of loose papers you snatched from the computer printer. 

The only way to find that one specific detail you need right now is to tear apart your house.

“I know I put it somewhere,” you say.

“I just saw it the other day,” you say.

“Where the hell is it?” you say.

We say enough is enough.

Scribe Forge has designed a system to organize your thoughts without changing your process.

Introducing The Writer’s Epiphany Notebook: Every idea for every project, all in one place. 

You can still write on whatever is handy. The only difference is, you’ll actually find your ideas later.

Our solution is so simple, we’re amazed more notebooks don’t use it.

Numbered pages and an index to record what’s on each page means you'll always know where to find each and every idea.

Tape a sticky note, napkin, or scrap of paper to a numbered page.

Paperclip on the piece of paper where you hastily drew your map.

Jot down your brilliant thoughts on a random page as you slowly build your world bible.

Every time you add content, simply flip to the index and record the page number with the project name and a short description. 

To meet all your brainstorming and organizing needs, we made sure this notebook contains:

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Lined pages for notes.

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Blank pages for maps and character sketches.

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Dotted pages for charts, timelines, and diagrams.

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Cream color pages, so it's easy on your computer-strained eyes.

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Spiral bound so it lays flat for easy writing.

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Large size (7x9), so there’s tons of room for brainstorming and drawing.

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Tough binding, so your pages won’t fall out.

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250 pages so you won't run out of paper when hastily scribbling notes at 3 am.

As you add content, list the page numbers in the index.

Now that you’ve recorded your idea with a corresponding page number, you can quickly find what you’re looking for.

Your choice of three beautiful covers! Ships free to USA.

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See The Writer’s Epiphany Notebook in action

What people say about The Writer’s Epiphany Notebook:

I always end up with piles of sticky notes, and no idea where to find a bit of research, a line of dialogue, or an idea I wrote down.

I’ve started adding all the sticky notes to the notebook and recording their page numbers in the index. It’s much easier to track down those random tidbits right when I need them.

-Mia Harlan, paranormal author

I’m pretty scattered (I think that’s true of many writers!). This notebook helps me organize and track my ideas with very little extra effort. Loving it so far!

-Noah Steele, romance author

Indexed notebook! Where have you been all my life?

- Athena Wright, author

The large page size makes this notebook fantastic for sketching maps and brainstorming ideas. It’s nice and thick so will last a while.

- A.R. Lane, aspiring sci-fi fantasy  author

The Writer’s Epiphany Notebook: Every idea for every project, all in one place

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