About us

We're a group of indie authors in sci-fi, fantasy, and romance with 50+ published books between us. When we're not geeking out over the latest episode of Doctor Who or losing our minds over the latest season of X-Men '97 (holy shit to all of it), we're nerding out over everything sci-fi, fantasy, and romantasy writing.

Seriously, collectively, we've spent 25 years learning EVERYTHING we possibly could about it. We've read every book, blog post, and article we could find (including some writing books that are out of print and can only be uncovered in the back corner of a library).

We've spent unhealthy amounts of time with every mapmaking and writing tool out there, just for funsies. Hell, Eva even tried to pass off a fantasy map as a legitimate part of a work presentation so she could do it at the office (no one was impressed but it was a really good map).

One of our team did a degree in Anthropology for the SOLE REASON of learning how to worldbuild better by understanding cultures. Another reads Scientific American for fun and takes copious notes for worldbuilding. And my pastime is psychoanalyzing strangers for character backgrounds (I'm fun at parties).

Together, we've spent thousands of hours learning about writing and a couple hundred more streamlining all that knowledge into guides and workbooks that are simple, to-the-point, and less overwhelming than our 25 years of trying every character questionnaire out there, so that other writers can start writing their stories sooner, with more confidence and less stress than we went through.

We could turn these guides into courses and charge hundreds of dollars for them--many people do just that with their knowledge.
But we believe that everyone who wants to write a novel should get the guidance they need to reach their dream.
So, instead of expensive courses, we offer our writing guides and workbooks as affordable digital downloads that are compatible with the most popular writing software.
Best of all, you can reuse them over and over as you create more worlds and write more books.
(We also have physical versions but those are more expensive due to printing and shipping costs. That's why we have the lower-cost digital versions, too!)
We could make a lot more money by hosting courses, but we want you to be able to write your book instead. We hope our guides and workbooks help you reach your writing dreams!