Statement on Generative AI

We sometimes get questions about our use of AI images in our products and on our website, so we want to make our position on generative AI clear.

We do not and will never use generative AI in any of our products.

Generative AI is trained on copyrighted work without the permission of the creators and without compensating them for the use of their art. It's summed up best in The Guardian:

“These programs rely entirely on the pirated intellectual property of countless working artists, photographers, illustrators and other rights holders.” It’s a point echoed by illustrator Anoosha Syed: “AI doesn’t look at art and create its own. It samples everyone’s then mashes it into something else.”

You can learn more about the issue here.

 All of the images we use are either licensed stock photos that do not contain AI elements or custom art we commissioned from an artist who doesn't use AI.

All the text in our products was written entirely by humans (hi!). We're writers and the idea of using AI to do the thing we love to do is... Well, just weird.

We strive to help people write books because creativity and storytelling are essential to human well-being. We will continue to proudly support human artists and writers in all future products.