About us

We believe that everyone who wants to write a book, should!
Our team of neurodivergent indie authors was often overwhelmed by the amount of writing information out there.
So, we took everything we had learned and everything we used in our own books and distilled it down to the essentials. We strive to keep things simple and clear in our writing guides with a focus on the most important parts of a story.
We developed hands-on worksheets to show you how to apply the knowledge you learn, one small step at a time, so you can build confidence and avoid getting overwhelmed.

We could turn these guides into courses and charge hundreds of dollars for them--many people do just that with their knowledge.
But we believe that everyone who wants to write a novel should get the guidance they need to reach their dream.
So, instead of expensive courses, we offer our writing guides and workbooks as affordable digital downloads that are compatible with the most popular writing software.
Best of all, you can reuse them over and over as you create more worlds and write more books.
(We also have physical versions but those are more expensive due to printing and shipping costs. That's why we have the lower-cost digital versions, too!)
We could make a lot more money by hosting courses, but we want you to be able to write your book instead. We hope our guides and workbooks help you reach your writing dreams!