Organize your novel with an easy-to-use, comprehensive, and fully customizable system.

Best part: It's FREE.

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The Book Compass will help you hit all the right story beats at the right time for an exciting book that readers won't be able to put down.

Track character arcs for every main character all in one place.
Know exactly what happens in every scene and easily find each plot point.
Whether you're a planner, a pantser, or a plantser, the Book Compass can help. 

For Planners:

Plot your entire novel, including every scene, conflict, and character arc. Hit all the right story beats that keep readers happy. Do it all in one file that you can use on any device.

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For Pantsers:

Pants away! After you write a chapter, add it to the tracker and keep on pantsing.

Once your draft is done, you'll have a record of every plot point and character change to make editing easier.

Know exactly what happens and when in your novel. See which story beats you should hit to write the best book you can.

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For Plantsers:

Use the tracker to fill in the major plot points and character arc beats before writing. Then pants away!

As you write, add each chapter to the tracker. Once your draft is done, you'll have a record of every plot point and character beat to make editing easier.

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When editing:

Use the Book Compass to know exactly what happens in your story and discover places where it lags or misses character beats.

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The Book Compass tracker comes pre-filled for a 50 chapter book that follows a three-act story system to help you structure your story in a way that will delight your readers. 

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No learning curve or wasted time figuring out how to work a new program.

If you've ever made a spreadsheet, you can use the tracker right away (and without equations, so it's much easier!)

Need to add or remove chapters?

Because the tracker is available as an Excel or Google Sheets file, simply delete and add columns as needed.

Customize the colors to match your style or project. 

Free bonus: The Book Compass comes with The 10-Minute Story Structure Crash Course.

Learn the key elements that keep readers turning the pages, so you can start writing stronger stories today.

No more guesswork about what happens next in your novel.

Discover how to write captivating scenes that keep the plot moving.

Tips on developing character arcs that create memorable characters.

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