Chaos to Clarity: The Essential Fantasy & Sci-fi Writers Bundle

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A streamlined bridge between the chaos of your ideas and the structure of a finished book. 

Write an epic novel with unforgettable characters and immersive worlds that readers will return to again and again.

You’ll do it with help from 5 writing tools, including our bestselling worldbuilding guide and a brand-new method for organizing scores of ideas.

Here's what’s included:

The Pando Tree Method to Turn Ideas into Story

FINALLY turn your thought dumps into a coherent world, story, or character RIGHT THIS MINUTE even if you’re overwhelmed and have no idea where to start.

Like us, do you begin a project with a bunch of vaguely related ideas that you struggle to wade through like a hobbit through a snowbank?

Learn how to organize your thoughts into a manageable structure that provides you with crystal-clear guidance to develop your unique world, characters, and plot. Here’s how:

       Discover a surprisingly simple method for combining dozens of brilliant but unrelated ideas to build a world, character, and plot while avoiding all the dead ends that only waste your time.

       Learn how to integrate all the aspects of your novel you’ve dreamed up into one clear structure without all the plot bunnies taking over and running wild.

       Use all your varied interests to create a world, characters and plot that are new, different, and uniquely yours while still being coherent and logical.

The Essential Worldbuilding Blueprint and Workbook

Create living, breathing worlds that readers will easily get lost in as they uncover all its secrets.

Worldbuilding is confusing and overwhelming because there's just SO MUCH to think about and every little thing affects everything else in a complex interconnected web.

You can easily spend years just on worldbuilding (I know because I did – hi, Eva, here and I'm a recovering Worldbuilding Addict).

But we streamlined and simplified the process so you can build an immersive and logical world in less time while avoiding inconsistencies. Here’s how:

       Learn about the worldbuilding elements that actually make a difference in your story (and the ones you can skip) with 19 bite-sized chapters that get right to the point so you can get writing.

       Discover how to integrate worldbuilding into your current writing process so you don’t waste energy forcing yourself to create in a way that will never work for you. If you don’t have a writing process yet, we provide guidance on worldbuilding methods so you can find the best one for you.

       Build a world that readers can’t resist, from its solar system to its current political system, with 150 pages of step-by-step worksheets. (We know it sounds like a lot, but we walk you through it, and you’ll have a complete world in a matter of weeks).

       Tie together all the elements of a world, from its tech to its environment to its culture, to create a logical and cohesive world that just makes sense.

       Uncover the little details that make your world feel lived in and real, enriching your reader's experience and passion for your story without overloading them with info-dumps.

       Discover new sources of conflict for your stories and characters, so your book is more binge-worthy than you even thought it could be.

       Look up what you need without falling into a Wikipedia rabbit hole in the middle of a writing session with quick reference charts on everything from geography to religion.

       Learn about genre-specific worldbuilding for stories in sci-fi, fantasy, and urban fantasy so you’re ready to write no matter where your muse leads you.

       Use the built-in world bible to track and organize all your details in one place. Never lose sticky notes or spend time searching through 20 different Word docs for the info you need. 

       Start creating THIS MINUTE with easy-to-use digital worksheets that have no learning curve. Load them into your favorite writing program or print them and write by hand. Available in printable PDF, Word/Google Doc, OneNote, or Scrivener.

Topics covered:

       Worldbuilding methods

       Stars and Planets

       Locations: Geography and Climate

       Fictional Beings: Animals, Aliens, & Paranormals



       Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance



       Social Structures (family, government, economy, law)

       Values and Ethics

       Religion, Mythology, and Philosophy





       Games and sports


Learn each topic in 10-20 minutes on your lunch break and complete each worksheet in a few hours.

The Essential Character Creation Blueprint and Workbook

Get to know your characters better than anyone else in your life, so they drive the plot in ways you never thought possible.

The key to a successful story is well-written characters that readers want to spend time with. After all, why give up hours of your life for characters you don't enjoy (even if that joy is just hating their guts)?

While character ideas are easy; making the character multidimensional enough to carry an entire story or series is as tricky as The Water Temple in Ocarina of Time.

This step-by-step process shows you how to understand your characters with page-turning secrets about character development that advance both your plot and make your characters unforgettable. Here’s how:

       Go beyond the surface of your characters with 20 chapters and 13 worksheets on creating real fictional people who readers feel attached to on a personal level.

       Learn a surprisingly simple method to make a character more realistic. It only takes a few minutes to implement!

       Tie character development to plot to keep readers turning the page long after they should have gone to sleep.

       Discover what most aspiring writers don't know about the role of relationships in building memorable characters.

       Focus on THIS instead of endless lists of traits and pointless questionnaires about your character's favorite color and food.

       Use the principles of human behavior and psychology to create a protagonist that readers love or a complex antagonist that readers love to hate.

       Use the built-in character bible to track and organize your all your characters in one place. Never lose details and end up accidentally changing your main character’s backstory halfway through your draft.

       Works with your current writing process. Complete the worksheets in whatever order makes sense for you. If you don’t have a writing process yet, we'll help you find one.

       Start creating THIS MINUTE with easy-to-use digital worksheets that have no learning curve. Load them into your favorite writing program or print them and write by hand. Available in printable PDF, Word/Google Doc, OneNote, or Scrivener.

Topics covered to make your characters so real that they drive the entire story and you avoid the dreaded writer’s block (just let your characters take the wheel):

       What makes a compelling character

       Where to start when creating a character

       Body, senses, and mind

       Traits and flaws


       Social values and expectations



       Perspectives about the world

       Skills and knowledge

       Lies, truths, and ghosts

       Wants and needs

       Normal life

       Appearance and gestures

       Defining introductory moment


Free bonus: 10-Minute Story Structure Crash Course

Get this right and readers won't want to put down your book until the last page.

Now that you have your main ideas, world, and character, it's time to dig deeper into story structure. You'll also learn how to write chapters that keep your plot moving, even during the non-action scenes. Here’s how:

       Avoid guesswork about what happens next in your novel with the essential story beats that satisfy readers and have them clamoring for more.

       Create a plot structure centered on the two types of compelling conflict so you can write stronger stories today.

       Learn the key to writing scenes that drive your plot forward and keep readers up long past their bedtimes.

Topics covered:

  • Story beats for the beginning, middle and end of your novel
  • Turning points to drive the plot forward (and the different types)
  • The two kinds of conflict that create a meaningful story
  • Internal vs. external conflicts in different genres


Free bonus: The Book Compass Tracker

Organize your novel with a comprehensive and fully customizable system to help you structure your story in a way that will delight your readers.

Everything you're going to learn about character arcs and story structure will make your story better than ever before. But it can be hard to remember and keep track of SO MANY moving parts (it's like a steampunk robot in here).

The Book Compass helps you track every scene, every character development, and every plot twist so you remember what to include and where.

(It also works for pantsers! After you write a chapter, add it to the tracker and keep on pantsing. Once your draft is done, you'll have a record of every plot point and character change to make editing easier.)

Here's how it keeps your story on track:

       Hit all the right story beats at the right time for a book that’s more binge-worthy than the last season of Stranger Things.

       Record the arcs for every main character all in one place to make sure their development is consistent and logical.

       Know exactly what happens in every scene so you don’t end up with a dozen gigantic plot holes.

       Use it right away with no learning curve or time wasted figuring out how to work a new program. If you've ever made a spreadsheet, you can use the tracker (and without the mind-boggling equations!)

With the Essential Bundle, you'll sit down to write or rewrite with more confidence and mental clarity than ever before, knowing that your story will be the best version it can possibly be. 

And before long, you'll do it. You'll finish the book that's been living in your mind for years.

Available as an instant download in your preferred format.