The Essential Life Planner for Writers - Print-at-Home PDF

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Designed specifically for writers, this planner will help you organize your thoughts, your projects, and your daily demands so you can reach your creative goals!

Find time to write in your busy schedule with a simple but powerful system that helps you focus on what matters the most.

Turn large, overwhelming projects into small, actionable steps so you know exactly what you're working on each and every day for the next six months.

Instead of just trying harder to write, discover how to wrangle a chaotic schedule and a busy mind so you can write more often.

Don't just block off time. Learn how to manage your energy and your focus—your two biggest resources—so you can achieve your goals without burning out.

Stay inspired by shifting your focus to your passions every day.

Visually track every win—big and small—so you can see how far you've come and keep yourself motivated.

Imagine your ideal future, set reachable goals with manageable steps, and gain a strong, clear focus for your creative journey (and the rest of your life!)

The specs:

  • Undated so you can start achieving your creative goals at any time. If you miss a day or two, you can restart without wasting any pages!
  • Large 8.5x11 page size so you have lots of space for notes, brainstorms, and doddles. 
  • Choose one of three beautiful covers to fit your style.

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