Smash Writer's Block Card Deck - Digital version

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Turn writer's block into better books.

How to overcome writer's block in record time without sacrificing your sanity.

Writer's block means something went wrong in your story. Your subconscious mind knows it and refuses to let you move forward until you fix the problem.

Except, you don't know what the issue is--yet.

The Smash Writer’s Block card deck is designed to help you think deeper about your characters, mine your subconscious, and uncover weak spots in your story.

Best of all, they help you find ways to fix those issues and make your book better.

This is the digital version. You'll receive a PDF with 200 prompts on full-color 3.5x3.5 square cards that you can print at home or use on your computer.

These prompts help you:

  • Think deeply about your characters, their motivations, needs, and psychology.
  • Discover new aspects of your fictional world to build page-turning plot points.
  • Spark new ideas with original prompts you won't find elsewhere.
  • Explore your story and characters in unexpected ways.
  • Uncover what your subconscious is trying to tell you about your story.
  • Find what went wrong and ways to fix it.

Pull a random card, read the prompt, and start brainstorming and writing.

No more angst, no more wasted time, no more unfinished novels.

Note: These are the same prompts as in the Smash Writer's Block book.

Two ways to use your digital cards:

Method 1: The printed version

Download your PDF

Select Print>Multiple. Next to "Pages per Sheet", choose 4 or 6, depending on how large you want the cards.

Cut out the cards. Some of them say "see reverse", which means they have a related prompt on the card before or after them. Glue these ones back to back so the connected prompts stay together.

Shuffle the deck, pull a card, and start writing.

Method 2: The paperless version

Pull up a random number generator and enter numbers 5-204.

Generate a random number and navigate to that page in the PDF.

Read the card. If it mentions a reverse side that means it has a related prompt on the card before or after. 

Start writing!