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You’re in the zone. Your fingers fly across your keyboard and the words flow like wind through the trees when your brain trips like it caught its toe on a crack in the sidewalk.

Are your characters in a town called Starfall or Moonfall and is Merna the tavern keeper disgruntled or friendly? Wait, was her name Merta instead?

You pause to look it up, but you’re a writer. Your notes are loooong with Merna’s complete backstory and you can’t quickly find THAT ONE DETAIL you need at this moment.

Or even worse, you keep track of your project with sticky notes stuck to your whiteboard, your desk, the back of your laptop, one on the dog’s butt somehow. 

It takes so long to find what you need that you lose your flow and end up staring at the page until you give up and scroll through social media instead. So, next time you forget a detail, you don’t bother to look it up. You just keep going, and it’s only when editing that you realize, shit.

Plot holes.

The small ones are easy to fix. But the massive ones could swallow a galaxy and will take you weeks to resolve. Weeks you could have spent writing new chapters.

All of it was avoidable if you had just remembered or been able to find that one detail that made all the difference.

You’ve tried keeping notes in your writing program, but those are hard to find when you need them. Is the info about Merta in chapter 8 or chapter 28 or maybe somewhere else? Sticky note reminders on your desk are just a disorganized mess. Full project bibles are amazing for tracking your world and story, but so detailed that it takes forever to find the one little detail you need right at this moment. 

Introducing Story Stride: Quick Reference Cheat Sheets

Your companion to The Essential Worldbuilding Blueprint and The Essential Character Creation Blueprint

📖 Carefully and thoughtfully designed to make it easy and fast to find the most important elements that lead to the biggest plot holes if you mess them up.

📖 With clear labels, you can flip through the pages to find the one you need faster than the Millennium Falcon on a smuggling run. 

📖 Each reference sheet is one page (two for your main characters), so you can leave it open next to your laptop and find the detail you need without ever taking your hands from the keyboard. 

📖 These cheat sheets are quick references. Rather than replace your full project bible, they work with it to help you remember key details to avoid the dreaded major plot holes that derail your entire novel.

Imagine you’re in the flow, your fingers flying across the keyboard when bam! You don’t remember if Merna the tavern keeper is friendly or stand-offish. You take one hand off the keys and flip to Merna’s character page. With a two-second glance, you see that she’s outgoing but cruel and expresses the latter with snide remarks about people’s appearance (yeah, she sucks).

You keep writing, keeping your scene consistent and it only took you seconds. No sifting through your detailed project bible and Merna’s entire backstory. Just the little tidbit you needed when you needed it.

Story Stride: Quick Reference Cheat Sheets features:

  • At-a-glance summaries of your locations, cultures, technologies, religions, magic system, historical timelines, species, and minor characters so you avoid introducing inaccuracies and plot holes.
  • Two-page summaries of your main characters, including their traits, behaviors, and arcs so you can keep their actions consistent and make sure their character arcs drive the narrative.
  • Beautiful bordered pages for drawing maps, characters, species, and anything else!
  • 14 pages in total, print as many as you need! 
  • Available as a PDF for instant download.

Want to see examples of the pages? Scroll down to the bottom of this page.

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