The Essential Reading Journal - Print

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Discover a simple, efficient way to learn the elements of a good novel—by doing what you already love.
The Essential Reading Journal was developed by professional authors to guide you through the process of analyzing the books you read. With clear questions that force you to examine stories, it helps you to focus on what matters most in order to improve your writing.
  • Learn how authors construct characters, plot, worldbuilding, and descriptions so you can apply this to your own writing.
  • 25 questions to focus your reading so you can learn from the pros.
  • Numbered pages and index with space to track a book’s strengths. Find inspiration and notes easily.
  • Coil binding so it will lie flat for easy note taking.
  • Reading tracker to help develop a daily reading habit
  • To-be-read list to track all the books you can’t wait to read.
  • 7x10 page size so you have lots of room to record everything you learn.
  • Your choice of glossy cover.
  • Room to analyze 20 books. 

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Check out a preview of a few of the journal's prompts: cl8v97s0t000001s65v5p4fwr