The Pando Tree Method to Turn Ideas into Story

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You open your favorite note-taking tool. Maybe its a Word doc, a sketch book, or piles of sticky notes all over your desk.

You see idea after idea after idea… every idea except how to turn the thought dumps into a coherent story.

You know theres an epic novel in your ideas, but right now, its a jumbled rats nest that you struggle to navigate through.

Maybe you open a workbook like The Essential Worldbuilding Blueprint and stare at the worksheets. You have so many ideas that youre not sure which ones to start with.

Youve tried all the books on writing, but that only gives you MORE ideas. Youve tried all the note-taking software and tricks, but that just means your endless ideas are better organized. Theyre not a story, just a pretty file system.

Imagine if you opened your favorite note-taking tool and knew EXACTLY what to do to turn your scores of ideas into a foundation for a unique and detail-rich story—one no one has seen before because it combines all the things youre interested in.

Its possible. Give us 20 minutes and well show you how with…

The Pando Tree Method: A surprisingly simple process to turn your thought dumps into a coherent world, story, and cast of characters RIGHT THIS MINUTE even if youre overwhelmed and have no idea where to start.

Learn how to organize your thoughts into a manageable structure that provides you with crystal-clear guidance to develop your unique world, characters, and plot. Here’s how:

       Discover a simple method for combining dozens of brilliant but unrelated ideas to build a world, character, and plot while avoiding all the dead ends that only waste your time.

       Learn how to integrate all the aspects of your novel you’ve dreamed up into one clear structure without all the plot bunnies taking over and running wild.

       Use all your varied interests to create a world, characters and plot that are new, different, and uniquely yours while still being coherent and logical.

Available for instant download as a pretty PDF or a screen reader friendly Word Doc.

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