The Essential Character Creation Blueprint and Workbook - Digital Download

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Print the worksheets you need for every project, or fill them out on your computer and save them for future reference.

All the information you need to develop all your characters, including sections on non-human characters and fictional social groups for fantasy and sci-fi writers.

Loaded with features to hone your craft:
80+ pages on how to use human psychology to create characters readers love—explained in simple, straightforward language with examples from popular fantasy and sci-fi franchises.
150 pages of worksheets to guide your character creation, plus an extra set so you can create another character in the same workbook.
Built-in character bible to track and organize your character’s details in one place. Never lose details or search for lost sticky notes and files ever again.
Discover your character’s inner workings.

Available for instant download as a PDF. Can be printed or filled out digitally. 
NOTE: The interior is the same in all versions of the guide. The only difference is the covers.